Tailoring Supplies Kit
Tailoring Supplies Kit
$39.00 USD

Accompagner nos Jasika Blazer Pattern, nous avons créé un kit de confection exclusif comprenant tout l’interface et les fournitures nécessaires pour confectionner une superbe veste ou un blazer sur mesure! Gagnez du temps en rassemblant vos fournitures et obtenez tout ce dont vous avez besoin au même endroit (tissu non inclus).

Nous avons recherché des matériaux de la plus haute qualité pour ce kit. Nos interfaces fusibles sont fraisées en Italie et spécialement conçues pour des applications sur mesure, tandis que nos manchons et épaulières sont fabriqués à Montréal, Canada. Choisissez entre noir ou blanc pour votre kit; le noir convient à la plupart des applications, mais le blanc est recommandé si vous travaillez avec des tissus fins et de couleur claire comme le lin.

Notez s'il vous plaît: Nos interfacings n'ont pas besoin d'être prétraités; leur prétraitement peut affecter la qualité de l'adhésif.

Inclus dans le kit:

  • Interfaçage de trame fusible - 1,4 m (disponible en noir ou blanc)
  • Interfaçage en tricot fusible - 0,9 m (disponible en noir ou blanc)
  • Toile de crin - 20 "x 12"
  • Une paire de têtes de manche (disponible en noir ou en blanc)
  • Une paire d'épaulettes de qualité professionnelle - 3/8 "d'épaisseur (gris clair)
  • Ruban de maintien en coton - 2.5 verges


Based on 21 reviews
Kit of tailoring basics

I bought the tailoring supply kit for my Jasika Blazer. It included everything I needed and all of great quality. I highly recommend it.

Tailoring basics in one Kit

I bought the Jasika Blazer pattern to make with some incredible and expensive (!) wool I bought in Italy last year.. I was mentally tallying the materials needed for inside the blazer when I saw this kit offered — it couldn’t have been more perfect! All high quality products and only the amount necessary (so I didn’t over buy). Can’t wait to finish the blazer and show off my Italian wool using Closet Case’s pattern and supplies.

Good value for money

Pleased with purchase and very useful to complete my jacket. Difficult to buy the products in England so mail order very useful.

Love this Tailoring Supplies Kit!!!

This tailoring supplies kit had everything I needed to make my Jasika Blazer. All of the supplies were of excellent quality. I am fortunate enough to have access to the fabric district in NYC but I nevertheless ordered the supplies kit because I just don't have the time to shop for the supplies. The supplies were of the same or higher quality than what I could find in NYC. It was a great convenience and time saver for me to have everything I needed in this kit. I highly recommend it for not only the Jasika Blazer but for any blazer for which you are using speed tailoring techniques.

Jamika Pattern & kit & Ginger jeans pattern

Arrive in a timely manner to NZ but haven't had the chance to make, as I sold my business then went on holiday for 2weeks to a topical island, and just getting back into my sewing room this week . Just finished cutting out my first pair of ginger jeans yesterday


I bought the tailoring supply kit for my Jasika Blazer. It included everything I needed and all of great quality. I highly recommend it.