Kelly Anorak Hardware kit // Spring snap buttons, grommets + setting tools // Closet Case Patterns
Kelly Anorak Hardware kit // Spring snap buttons, grommets + setting tools // Closet Case Patterns
Kelly Anorak Hardware kit // Spring snap buttons, grommets + setting tools // Closet Case Patterns
Kelly Anorak Hardware kit // Spring snap buttons, grommets + setting tools // Closet Case Patterns
$29.00 USD

Rassemblez toutes les fournitures pour faire un anorak Kelly ! Ce bel ensemble en édition limitée inclut la mercerie de grande qualité, anti-rouille, en fini or ancien, ansi que les outils pour vous aider à installer les boutons pressions et les oeillets pour passer les cordons.

Apprenez à installer les oeillets grace à ce tutoriel. Apprenez à installer les boutons pressions grace à ce tutoriel.

Le kit de fournitures de l'anorak Kelly inclut :

  • 15 x boutons pression de 15mm
  • Outils pour installer les boutons pression (incluant la perforatrice à tissu)
  • 3 x oeillets de 6mm
  • Outils pour installer les oeillets (incluant la perforatrice à tissu)
  • 1.5 yds de cordon solide en coton, de couleur noire
  • 2 x arrêts de cordons (pour maintenir le cordon à la taille)
  • 2 x embouts de cordons (pour placer à l'extrémité des cordons)
  • 1 x fermeture éclair séparable pour manteau de 26" (noire avec les dents cuivrées)

Vous trouverez dans cet ensemble assez de fournitures pour vous entraîner à les poser correctement. Le kit ne contient ni le tissu ni le patron.

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Based on 16 reviews
Great way to find all the bits!

The first time I make a unique item I like to buy kits. Then I can spend time sewing instead of searching. This kit is perfect for that. The quality is just what you'd expect from Closet Case! I'd certainly recommend it.

Almost Perfect

Overall I really liked the Kelly Anorak Jacket Packet. I appreciated having all of the tools to install grommets and snaps as well as the sew-along instructions for installing them. I have made two Kelly Anorak Jackets thus far - one for my daughter (I added a faux fur button on/off collar over the high collar option) and one for myself
(I shortened the sleeves to 3/4 length and put a simple band finish on them).
The Kelly hardware kit includes:
15 x 15mm spring snap buttons
Tool kit to install snap buttons (including fabric hole punch)
3 x 6mm grommets
Tool kit to install grommets (including fabric hole punch)
1.5 yds sturdy black cotton drawstring cord
2 x spring cord locks (these secure the cord in place at the waist)
2 x cord stoppers (these finish the end of the cord)
1 x 26" separating coat zipper (black with brass teeth)

The only changes I would make are:
1. Make the separating coat zipper be a parka style zipper so it can unzip from the bottom as well as the top.
I am quite short so when my jacket is zipped up and I sit down it would be nice to have the option to unzip from the bottom.
2. The cord stoppers are a little small relative to the cord so I can't hide a knotted off cord inside the cord stopper. I suppose I don't have to use it but it's a nice touch to make the jacket look more professional.
3. Offer a shorter separating top-down/bottom-up zipper option for us short women.

Otherwise, great!


Life happens and I have not had a chance to use the kit. I did, however, take time to look at it and I am very pleased with the contents as well as the price. Thank you for putting the kit together.

Betty Grim

Great kit

I loved that this kit came back into stock! I had been trying to source the hardware other places when I found out that it was available again,

My only qualm is that there are no directions for the grommets and snap buttons (at least a "key" that tells you what parts are for what and which tools do what) I found the tutorial online to be missing this information as well and even though that includes pictures, they aren't very clear.

Hi Ellie, We have a full tutorial on the blog for installing grommets and snaps (I've linked below). Hope that helps!
Kelly Anorak Hardware Kit - Aces!!

I would thoroughly recommend buying this kit if you're doing the Kelly Anorak. Saves so much time when sourcing the hardware. I wouldn't have done this jacket without it!! Thank you!!

Kelly Anorak Hardware Kit - Highly Recommend For A Professional Looking Finish

Absolutely recommend this hardware kit for your Kelly Anorak. I LOVED making this jacket, by far my most successful and satisfying make to date! The hardware included in the kit is of very nice quality, and really helps to give the final garment that RTW look. Sourcing hardware was proving to be surprisingly frustrating and very expensive, especially if you need to ship from multiple vendors. Shipping from anywhere to Canada can prove to be cost prohibitive, even if the item itself is reasonably priced. When this Kelly is worn through, and it's time for another, I'll definitely purchase another of these kits.